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Cooking Lessons

The term "Sadya" meaning "Feast" in the local language is popular throughout Kerala. It has got a derivative meaning.

Going by legend,once a namboothiri, the local administrator of the King, advised him that while nothing else, be it money or dress, can force people to say "sufficient "or "no more", only a "Sadya" (Meal with a lot of dishes) can satisfy them,as it has the power to make people say "enough" when the belly is filled.Thus it became a custom to have a sadya along with any function.It is also considered as a symbol of hospitality to supply meals to a guest.

Those with taste and originality will relish the Kerala dishes.The Keralites eat mainly three times a day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Accordingly, there are appropriate dishes for each category. Rice noodles with Egg curry, Dosa, Idly with Chatnies and Pickles, Puttu with Kadala curry, etc are items for breakfast.Lunch consists of a typical vegetarian meal of Rice with Sambar, Thoran, Avail and Pappad.Chappathy with veg or non veg curries like Stew and Kurma are served for dinner.Besides, tea and snacks like Vada and Cutlet are served in the evening. The Kerala meals focus on a variety of non vegetarian dishes made from prawns, fish and meat.

It is both fun and interesting to learn to cook the world famous Kerala dishes. We conduct an exciting and exclusive residential Cookery Course exclusively meant for our guests at our home, lead by our food specialist Mrs Rajee Tomy who will introduce you to the nuances of Kerala cooking. You get to do it along with others who share your passion for food, in a relaxing environment.All of the recipes of the food prepared during the classes are provided alongside.Catering classes are offered in basic, popular Kerala dishes with special focus on the non vegetarian items and include a wide variety of traditional Kerala cuisine such as chappathy, appam, rice noodles, fish curry, chicken dishes, cutlets, etc.

We have made the course duration and timings flexible to suit the comfort and convenience of our valued guests.We also take into consideration their vegetarian, non vegetarian and other food preferences.

Facilities you can expect

  • Family ambience
  • Homely food
  • Meals with family
  • Personal attention
  • Eco friendly environment
  • Solitude, safety, privacy
  • Arranges homestay accommodations throughout Kerala